10 tips for Taking your bike abroad for the first time

Taking your bicycle abroad for the first time can be a bit daunting.

Here are 10 tips  to make the whole process a little easier:

1) Hire a bike box alan from;

Here  – If you wish to pick up a bike box alan from the South of the UK

Here – If you wish to get a bike box alan delivery delivered to your door

2) Think about what size of car will need to get the boxes to the airport (Bike Box Alan clever design makes it very easy to fit into many smaller cars) remember you may need for luggage too.

Bike box Alan in a Boot

3) Think about the size of the hire car you will need at the other end to fit your bike box alan bicycle case, or ensure your taxi pick up understands.

Bike Box Alan fits into a Cabriolet

4) Find out what your carriers weight allowance is for Bike Boxes and costs, bike box alan boxes weigh 11KG and the dimensions can be found – You may be able to pack some more items in your case.

Here – Bike Box Alan Dimensions

Two bike box alan bicycle case in a hatchback

5) Find out what your carriers attitude is towards C02 canisters if you wish to use them.

6) Have you the correct insurance, Airlines only carry a limited liability which may not cover the bike box and your bike?

7) Are you riding a competitive event? All sportives in Europe are counted as competitive events therefore you should ensure your insurance covers you. Yellow Jersey offer a very comprehensive insurance policy similar in style to Ski Insurance.

8) Have you routes planned out, Strava have a mode where you can see most ridden routes in an area that is new to you.

Here – Strava routes nearby

9) Remove your pedals well early, they can be a bugger to get off so best know if you have a problem sooner rather than later. Dont forget to place them in the bike box alan case.

10) If you are travelling by easyjet they have self checkout this is real quick.